Culinary Services, Merchandise, Personal Chef, Vegan Pasalubong Snack Shop

Culinary Services, Merchandise, Personal Chef, Vegan Pasalubong Snack ShopCulinary Services, Merchandise, Personal Chef, Vegan Pasalubong Snack ShopCulinary Services, Merchandise, Personal Chef, Vegan Pasalubong Snack Shop

Who is she?

Ahi Kinilaw by Chef Jo Soeung

Growing up

Why did She become a Chef

Why did She become a Chef

Chef Jo Soeung was born and raised in Baguio City, Philippines, where she became well-versed in the culinary styles of East Asian and Spanish influence cooking. At a young age, she already understood the impact of a meal prepared with love. She grew up learning how to cook from the best cook she knew: her grandmother. 


Why did She become a Chef

Why did She become a Chef

Why did She become a Chef

In March 2006, a move to Seattle, Washington (her Dad’s last military post), exposed her to a fresh, new world of international flavors common to the West Coast. It was then that she realized that cooking was her life’s calling. Chef Jo quickly made her mark in the hospitality culinary world through her work in some of the city’s most renowned restaurants and hotels. In January 2019, she was presented a work opportunity to move to the island of Maui in Hawaii. There she discovered the freshness of local ingredients and the availability of wonderful ocean harvests, all such integral parts of daily life in the islands. In November 2019, she decided it was time to follow her dream and turn her passion and purpose into her own business. She left her corporate job in Maui and moved to Oahu. From there, Chef Jo LLC Culinary Services and Merchandise and Wow Baguio: A Pasalubong Shop and Vegan Snack Shack was born. 

Melon Salad

Her Mission

Why did She become a Chef

Her Mission

For almost two decades, Chef Jo has continued to prepare food with love and curated experiences that create memories that last a lifetime. That’s what food is all about. She is determined to keep her family’s legacy alive by combining her Filipino culture, upbringing, and family recipes with her culinary training to create dishes that stem from her roots and expand beyond your imagination!

Culinary Services

Squid Ink Jambalaya Pasta by Chef Jo Soeung

Tailored to Your Tastebuds

Menus are customized for you, taking into account special diets, restrictions and preferences. Low Fat, Low Carb, Paleo, Vegetarian?…no problem. Chef Jo will work within your dietary requirements.

More Affordable Than You Think

Chef Jo's services are quite economical. If you are spending money at the grocery store and still eating out, she will most likely SAVE you money!

Personal Chef Service Fees Include:

  • A Personalized Client Assessment
  • Customized Menu Planning
  • Nutritional Research and Consideration
  • Same-Day Grocery Shopping
  • Delivery Time
  • Pantry Items 
  • Food Preparation
  • Packaging & Labeling your Food

How It Works

1. The Personal Assessment
Chef Jo will schedule a meeting and conduct a detailed client interview. She will gather all the detailed information about what and how you like to eat as well as any allergies or specific preferences. She will then use this information to develop your personalized menus, listing entrees with appropriate side dishes for the meal plan you’ve chosen. A final menu will be sent to you for approval by email prior to your scheduled Cook Date.

2. Billing
Full payment of the professional fee is always billed one Cook Date in advance. Grocery expenses are billed as incurred.

3. Grocery Shopping
One of the best aspects of working with Chef Jo is that she does all the grocery shopping! Imagine all the time you’ll get back for yourself! Additionally, you won’t be wasting money on items that will sit in your pantry or refrigerator collecting dust and spoiling. 

4. Your Cook Date
Once groceries have been purchased, Chef Jo will prepare your food straight from your home. You will come home to delicious, chef-prepared meals for you and your family to enjoy!


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Drop it like it’s hot!

Chef Jo

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